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Not just any curriculum, a ground breaking dynamic curriculum for Nursery Children brought to life in its very own web page. This revolutionary approach brings with it many advantages and possibilities for the school community.

Lets have a closer look
  • When you click on to the EEC web page you will see immediately that this curriculum is like no other in the European Schools. At a glance you will be able to navigate to the areas you are especially interested in, and be drawn to explore further.
  •  This web site incorporates two distinct areas: The  core curriculum and European School documents, which are official areas of the curriculum, and, links, videos, photographs, articles, ideas and suggestions together with the forum for teachers which are not official.
  • The new Curriculum has been organised into different themes  ( Early education, Values, Curriculum...) with the core curriculum consisting of 4 areas:
  1. Me and my body
  2. Me as a person
  3. Me and the others
  4. Me and the world.
  • Each of these areas will have 3 dimensions which show just what is involved in each area. They are
  1. Learning to be
  2. Learning to live with others
  3. Learning to do and to know
The OBJECTIVES define the content, the DESCRIPTIONS help teachers and parents to understand what is involved and OUTCOMES show what most children can achieve.

Not only will you be able to look in detail at the curriculum, but you will be able to tap into other resources which illustrate and expand ideas and have the power to inspire us.!

Resources change and so with the EEC web page. Another key advantage of this web based curriculum is that it can continue to grow as a resource and point of reference for the school community. It will never become an outdated document lying on a dusty shelf.

There is so much to be excited about! The web site will have a forum. Nursery staff from schools all over Europe, will be able to share good ideas, ask for advice and support each other. The geographical distance between schools will no longer limit our communication.

Click on the picture to open the Curriculum (EEC):

Early Education Curriculum Browser Tool

General  background Structure of the core curriculum
The Early Education Curriculum is a general framework on the basis of which every European School has to formulate their own detailed program and teaching strategies.

The management of the school has responsibility for the development of the early education program at the local level.

Within the frame of the curriculum the management has the flexibility to set priorities and teachers have scope to create challenging, exciting and engaging learning activities.

The core content of the Early Education Curriculum consists of four areas, Me and my body, Me as a person, Me and the others and Me and the world.

These areas are based physical, psychological, social, cognitive and emotional development of children.

Every area has three dimensions, Learning to be, Learning to live with others and Learning to do and to know based on learning objectives.

Early Education
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